Saturday, May 1, 2010



-2 contrasting colors of paint
-canvas or wood
-scotch tape or packing tape (you won't get the same effect with masking tape)
-and maybe scissors

Paint your canvas one of your colors. I used a thrift store canvas. It had been painted on before. It just added to the texture. If you use a canvas that has been painted on before, and you don't like the texture, simply sand it before painting.

Now, take your tape (I ended up using packing tape because I ran out of scotch). Cut a tiny slit in it and begin to rip long strips. The reason I use packing or scotch tape, is that it rips a very clean edge
but in a very organic looking line. It reminds me of grass. That is the whole basis behind this project!

Apply the strips of tape across your canvas. I like to make sure they go top to bottom, and wrap around the edge. You can do as many or as few as you like. I also like the criss-cross effect.

Make sure you press the tape as flat as you can to the canvas so your paint won't seep under the edges.

Paint over the top of your entire canvas (including tape). Let it dry.

Finally, you can pull up your tape strips. It is like magic. You will reveal some super cool art that you made in only minutes. Trust me, people will think you spent hours painting your lines with a perfect edge. AWESOME!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dessert Plates... As seen on SYTYC

As promised, here is my tutorial. This tutorial is a little bit uncoventional. I decided to do it in .jpg format because I was jumping back and forth between computers. Just go ahead and click on one of the four images. You can view a larger shot of it, and even print it out. I always like to print out tutorials so I don't get paint and thread and sugary treats stuck to my keys.